A Message From Nicole Winter, Founder of Stråla

Nicole Winter Founder

Inspired by Fjords in Northern Sweden

While growing up in Sweden, I had the highest gratitude for the short-lived, but radiating sunlight each winter. My curiosity about the elements and natural beauty of my surroundings had me constantly exploring. During one family trip, far north in the Nordic region of Sweden, I stumbled upon a rare berry that hides away from the cold and darkness for most of the year, but is extremely powerful, potent and was used by Swedish locals as part of dietary and skincare regimens – this was Swedish Cloudberry.
Years later as a medical student in Sweden, I learned the efficacy and significance of combining natural ingredients and scientific compounds to create something much more significant than either on its own – a philosophy that I believe in and still hold close to my heart in many facets of life.

Learning Hollywood Beauty Secrets

My passion for beauty brought me to the United States. Whether I was modeling or in front of the camera for feature films or starring in the hit TV show, Svenska Hollywoodfruar (Swedish Hollywood Wives), my skincare routine was always extremely important to ensure I looked my very best, but it was also always burdensome. One cream for the face, another for the hands, another for the neck… eyes… then my tightening and lifting serum… my vitamin C serum… I mean the list goes on…

The Catalyst to Develop a New Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

Over the past 6 years, I devoted myself to researching the latest science and formulation techniques to find a way to create an alternative to lengthy skincare routines, ineffective products, and invasive (sometimes even harmful) procedures that are commonplace in Hollywood.
Nicole Winter Founder

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I worked with top chemists and skincare professionals, while leveraging my understanding of natural Swedish skincare secrets to develop a unique, revolutionary product that is simple to apply to my face, neck, hands (and other aging areas) and extremely effective at delivering fast, visible results that only get better with time.
Less is more, performance is key, and we tend to prefer products that are easy to use and have multiple benefits. In other words, you won’t likely find 10-step skincare routines lurking in Swedish women’s bathroom vanities.

The Foundation for Stråla and Our Approach to Swedish Skincare

This spirit instilled an air of craftsmanship, aspiration, and wonder into Stråla One – crisp, clean, sparkling, and frosty, yet innovative, luxurious, and elegant. By uncovering powerful ingredient synergies and only using the highest quality ingredients, I achieved my goal and this became the foundation of our Aktiv-8 Cellulär KomplexTM and the Stråla One formulation.
Now, with Stråla One, everyone can Radiate Ageless Beauty!

Nicole Winter

Stråla Founder

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