Rejuvenating Skincare’s Approach to Formulations, Applications, and Demographics

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Born From Need, A New Swedish Approach to Skincare

Stråla One: Swedish Rapid Rejuvenation Luxury Cream was born out of a need for innovation. When Stråla Skincare founder Nicole Winter turned 50, she tried everything possible to maintain the radiating beauty that separated her from her Hollywood peers. But, the “age battle” in Hollywood had begun for her and, in her search, Nicole realized that there was no simple alternative to the ineffective, costly, tedious, and invasive, even sometimes harmful, beauty treatments on the market.
Nicole then took it upon herself to create the solution. After years of research and development with top chemists, her efforts resulted in a product that is truly unique and innovative, Stråla One. Inspired by Swedish skincare ideals, Stråla One is a complete anti-aging skincare routine in One bottle. A cream designed to enhance and simplify anti-aging skincare for the face, neck, and backs-of-hands. Stråla One delivers high quality results by leveraging powerful ingredient synergies, rare Swedish botanicals, and Stråla’s proprietary Aktiv-8 Cellulär Komplex.

Overcoming 'All-In-One' Skincare Chemistry Hurdles

Stråla Skincare Swedish Rejuvenation Lab
The a-ha moment and big breakthrough for Stråla One came with the development of an active formula that navigates formulation stability issues that arise when attempting to pack high concentrations of active ingredients into a single formula. This enabled Stråla One to synergistically combine high clinically-tested levels of many powerful ingredients into One bottle and, most importantly, to ensure it stays completely stable on the shelf.
Whereas other ‘all-in-one’ skincare products may contain low concentrations of the ingredients they advertise because they could not resolve these extremely complex formulation stability issues. Unfortunately, that scenario misleads the customer to purchase a product that contains only low levels of the ingredients advertised and does not deliver high quality results.

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Simplifying Anti-Aging Skincare Routines With Inspiration From Swedish Lifestyles

Stråla One combines luxury quality and efficacy to deliver the best single anti-aging solution on the market.
Stråla One’s breakthrough formulation enables users to easily apply a powerful combination of ingredients that would usually make up a 20 – 45 minute skincare routine in under 90-seconds each morning and evening without compromising results. Stråla One is a complete anti-aging skincare routine in One bottle and replaces the need for separate: Day Cream, Night Cream, Vitamin-C Serum / Brightener, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Anti-Aging Firming / Lifting Serum, Eye Serum / Cream, Retinol, Neck and Décolleté Cream.

Creating Products Specifically for Underserved Aging Consumers

Stråla One works best for users aged 50+. A group largely underserved as most skincare, even anti-aging products, target young to middle-age professionals. But, why should a 50+ person with vastly different skincare needs than a 35-year-old be using the same product? Stråla One’s formulation is specifically made for the more mature group and to serve their anti-aging needs, which is why Stråla One incorporates ingredients clinically shown to fortify and restructure skin, in addition to lifting, tightening, and firming aged skin. Plus, a cream that can be used on the face, neck, and hands makes it easy and quick to apply.
Stråla is also building a path to further green habits by embracing Swedish ideals. By reducing the number of products in an average anti-aging skincare regimen, Stråla is helping to reduce the waste and carbon emissions associated with the creation, packaging, and transportation of redundant products. As Stråla grows, we hope to reach a completely sustainable future.
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Nicole Winter

Stråla Founder

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