The Skincare Packaging Debate: How Airless Pumps Prevent Spoilage and Contamination

Stråla One Anti-Aging Airless Pump Packaging
There is a long-standing debate in the world of cosmetic packaging: What’s the best container (pump, jar, tube, vile, etc.) for a cosmetic product? There are many choices, but what are the pros and cons of each? The truth is that the most suitable choice depends on the product, however there are benefits to understanding why an airless container reigns supreme in our world of Swedish skincare.
Jars may look luxurious and squeeze tubes may be simple to use, but they won’t protect your skincare products from oxidation (or spoilage) and bacterial contamination. In fact, if products with powerful ingredients, such as plant stem cell extracts, are packaged in jars, they’ll quickly lose their antioxidant benefits because they break down with repeated exposure to air and light, which jar packaging allows. And, the worst part: you may not even know that the product is spoiled or contaminated before you apply it to your face, neck, or hands. However, airless pumps help to prevent both issues!

How Does Oxidation Impact A Cream For Your Face, Neck, Hands?

Oxidation begins as soon as an ingredient comes in contact with the air and can diminish the potency of ingredients or even change them into something else! At best, an oxidized product will simply be less effective, but, in the worst-case scenario, an oxidized product may be harmful to your skin, wherever you apply it. Aktiv-8 Cellulär Komplex, Vitamin C and Retinol, each in Stråla One, are a few fragile skincare ingredients and prone to oxidation.

How Does Bacterial Contamination Impact A Cream?

Bacterial contamination occurs when any foreign object (such as a finger, basic applicator, or fancy copper roll-on) comes in contact with the formula. Even clean-looking foreign objects have plenty of germs and bacteria on them. Bacterial contamination can be a trigger for acne, irritation and infection. Or, even change the pH of the formula, potentially rendering your skincare product less stable and less effective.
Stråla One Anti-Aging Airless Pump Packaging
Considering the benefits and many other factors, we packaged Stråla One in an easy-to-use protective airless pump to help keep our powerful formula safe from oxidation damage and bacterial contamination.

Nicole Winter

Stråla Founder

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